Online shopping v/s offline Shopping – Must know facts

As the season is changing many of you are on a shopping spree to revamp your wardrobe. Now the big question is which mode of shopping platform is more convenient for the modern, trendy younger generation of today. In the last few decades, the online shopping industry has simply exploded and is reaching a new high with every passing day. Many youngsters are ever busy with their smartphones checking out the new arrivals of the well-known shopping portals like Amazon, eBay, Bewakoof, Myntra, Flipkart, Jabong, etc. Let us take for an example of buying trendy branded t shirts from the summer collection. Invariably, 80% of the youth would choose the online mode of shopping to the conventional offline one. The online shopping is the latest trend seen among the present generation of people.

 Though the online shopping has numerous potential advantages, many people still prefer the traditional mode of shopping after personally inspecting the products. They have their own valid reasons for sticking to the conventional mode. Here is a comparison between the online and offline mode which you must know to make your shopping experience more pleasurable.

  • Convenience

The most important factor which you consider while going on a shopping spree is the convenience of shopping. Many youngsters do not prefer spending endless hours in the shopping malls trying out different products. Moreover travelling to and fro in the busy city traffic is another headache. The offline mode of shopping simply does not suit the people with a hectic office schedule. The online mode has another great advantage of switching stores just with a click of a mouse or with the press of a button in the touch screen of your smartphone. Here everything happens with a lightning fast speed. For example, if you do not like the colours and designs of branded T-shirts in Jabong you can simply switch over to Bewakoof just by opening a new window in your laptop. The offline mode of shopping is simply lagging behind when you take the convenience of shopping into consideration.

  • Variety

The people are definitely going to appreciate a shop if they have a ready collection of a huge variety of products. This is one factor where the brick and mortar shops find it tough to cope up with the stiff competition of online stores. The online shops definitely have an edge when we take the variety of products into consideration. They can store endless varieties of products in the different storage facilities throughout the country. When you go for apparel shopping during the festive season, you can browse through endless varieties of products in the popular portals like Bewakoof, Myntra, Jabong, Flipkart, etc

  • Discounts and offers and Price Comparison

When you try to find the cheapest deal for a specific product like electronic gadgets, consumer durables, a specific brand of an outfit, etc it becomes much easy in the online portals. This is because here you can readily compare the prices of a particular product in different online platforms by clicking the mouse. You are not required to personally inquire about them either through telephonic conversation or by visiting a shop personally. The discounts and offers available in the online products are generally much more than the offline mode. This is because the offline retailers have to spend big bucks in showcasing their products in flashy showrooms.

  • Personal Inspection before Purchasing

This is one factor where the offline modes are still way ahead than the online platforms. When you personally shop something from your local retailer, you are able to inspect the colour, designs, fabrics and printing more vividly. According to the survey conducted by different independent agencies, the online store sometimes uses deceptive tactics in the presentation of the products. This is one issue where the online mode still has scope for improvement.

So, finally, it can be said that both the online and offline modes of shopping have their own list of pros and cons. It totally depends on your personal choice which one, you would opt for while going on a shopping spree.

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