How to bet for sports online?

One of the most important things to do before betting is to find a reputable and totally reliable sports book.  Since a sport betting involves money very directly, it becomes essential to stay clear of sites with an iffy reputation – deal only with the ones which can be trusted.  There are quite a few websites like the PPH Bookie Sportsbooks to pick from and it can get very confusing – talk to people who have placed bets and won – and then use that particular site.

Funding one’s account:

There are 2 methods for funding an account.  The best way to do so is to use Moneygram or Western Union to transfer funds.  Western Union is a legitimate service and no indication of a scam.  The process is straightforward – go to the site deposit page and select the option of sending money by either service and get information on how and where to send the money.  Set up an online account with Western Union, wire the money, note the transaction number and enter it on the sport book website to confirm the transaction.  For deposits of $250 and over, both sites waive the transaction fee.

The other way to do it is to use a credit card to transfer the funds.  There is no need to worry since the sites are professionally run – it is just like buying products online.  Credit cards are a preferred method of funding as the deposit is much lower and the sites don’t charge a fee.  The only thing clients have to do is to send a paper copy of the card to set up authorization. These sites don’t take credit cards from specific cities and states – find out which ones before signing up as they could cause legal problems.

How to place a bet:

This is the easiest step of all – once the money is in the account, pick a game and put down your bet on PPH Bookie Sportsbooks.  Pick carefully as there is no chance of getting the money back. Here are a few types of bets that one can place with online bookies.

  • Proposition: This type of bet is accompanied by specific statements. People usually bet the number of goals that will be scored by a particular team or even player.
  • Parlays and Progressive Parlays
  • Teasers: This type of bet lets a person make a single bet on the outcome of a couple of games with an adjusted point spread. Because of this feature, lower payments are usually a reality.
  • Line Bets: These are made on the pucks, points, slopes or goals of a game.  Bookmakers fix the spread, which theoretically picks one team to be the favorite and the other the underdog.  They promote equal bets on both the teams.  For instance, the betting on an a NFL game would look something like this:
    • Baltimore Ravens: 7 -110
    • NY Giants – 7 – 120