4 Questions Beginners Frequently Ask about Electric Rice Cooker

Whenever we think about buying a new appliance, numerous questions pop up in our head. The electric rice cooker is no exception. Let’s clear the fog by replying to some questions that beginners frequently ask about rice cooker.

Q1: What Features Should I Look for While Buying Electric Rice Cooker?

Here are the features that you should look for in an electric rice cooker:

  • Easy to Use: Firstly, the electric rice cooker should be easy to use. After reading the manual, you should be able to use it without any problem.
  • Durable: No one would want to spend money on the same appliancequite often. So, make sure that the cooker is durable and would last at least for 5-10 years down the lane.
  • Delay Start: If you are buying an electric cooker with a ‘delay start’ feature, then it is a plus point. You simply have to set the timer so that the cooker will start the steaming process automatically at the chosen time.
  • Beep Indication: Ensure that the rice cooker you choose gives out a beep sound to indicate that rice cooking is done.
  • Pre-Set Functions: The cooker must have different pre-set functions for variousdishes like rice, momos, steamed vegetables, soup and dalia.

Q2: What Size of the Rice Cooker Is Right for Me?

Personal small rice cooker would be an apt choice for bachelors. If you are a couple, then you might have to cook approximately 1 to 2 cups of rice. In such a case, a 3L cooker would be sufficient. If you are a large family, go for a 5L cooker. However, it depends upon the requirements of an individual. Decide the ideal size based on your requirements.

Q3: Do I Really Need to Spend So Much on a Rice Cooker?

If you cook rice on a daily basis or 2-3 times in a week, then electric cooker is a great appliance to own. This advanced cooking appliance can make your life easy. All that you need to do is add the right amount of rice and water and press the appropriate button for cooking rice.You can get a variety of electric cookers at a moderate price range in the market. You can find the best combination of good quality and reasonable price from brands like Kent. To start with, you can buy a small rice cooker and find out for yourself how useful this appliance would be.

Q4: Why Do I Need an Electric Rice Cooker When I Already Have a Pressure Cooker?

Cooking the perfect rice every time is not an easy task when you use a pressure cooker, but it’s absolutely easy with a small rice cooker. Furthermore, this innovative appliance can keep the rice warm and fresh for many hours after cooking. Rice cookers can also double up as vegetable steamers as they come with a separate steaming basket that can be used for cooking vegetables. Considering all these, rice cooker is worth your investment.

Hope the above answers would have solved the common queries that first-time rice cooker buyers would generally have in mind. Newbies certainly don’t have to be intimidated about spending on this appliance as it’s the ideal choice to cook delicious and fluffy rice every time quickly and efficiently.

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