What You Should Know About Natural Health Products  

Natural health products are used to treat a wide variety of ailments countrywide. These are products that are administered to patients without purification process as most of the pharmaceutical drugs which are taken. They are also used to treat different types of medical conditions. Examples of these products include Echinacea which is used for the prevention and suppression of cold symptom. Another one is ginseng which is used as a stimulant and a treatment for depression. Studies have shown that there is a significant increase in the consumption of the products worldwide.

What Makes Up These Products??

Natural health products are made up of a different assortment of substances which include minerals and vitamins; there are also herbal teas and remedies, probiotics and homeopathic medicines. These products are made of a wide variety of substances which includes parts of plants such as leaves, roots, and barks. There are also other products that are made of materials from algae, fungi and other non-human materials such as the shark cartilage. These products are preferred because they are said to have the least chemical composition.

Are these Products Regulated?

Yes. They are regulated by the Natural Health Products Regulations whose main aim is to attempt and police the industry. The body is the one which is supposed to give licenses to the companies that distribute these products. They also regulated the production and also the conditions under which the products are produced by. The also monitored the products that will enter the country from other countries.

This body was created after the industry grew fast. The industry was previously under food and drug regulation. The demand for the products has seen it being treated as a different entity. These bodies ensure that the products are healthy and do not cause any harm to the consumers.

Are There Testing Procedures Before Licensing Of the Products?

Yes. Before any product is licensed, it is subjected to a safety and efficacy test during a pre-market review. This process is similar to the one submitted to pharmaceutical drugs. The product needs to pass all the claims that the product has. So the more the claims, the longer the product will take in the pre-marketing review.

Where Can You Buy Them?

These products are considered to be very safe and are sold just over the counter. They do not require a prescription to purchase and can also be bought in different stores like supermarkets, health stores, and pharmacies. This means that a consumer can buy them without having to visit their health provider. You need to choose the right place to buy these products. There are places that offer fake products, therefore, you need to be cautious and aware of where to buy.

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