New Hampshire: Things You Need To Know

The New England countryside has long been a magnet for travelers, offering a diverse terrain full of stunning views, a variety of outdoor activities, and dozens of small towns and larger cities to explore along the way. Out of all of these states, New Hampshire is definitely one of the most popular. This green and unique state is home to both expansive wilderness and enticing urban settings, offering a broad range of things to see and do within its borders. From its liberty-minded policies to its sweeping rural majesty to its many urban centers, NH offers up a nice cross selection of the finer points of the New England lifestyle. Anyone on an RV rental journey through New England would be highly advised to mark down New Hampshire as one of your stops. When you do pull up in this great state, here are some things you should keep in mind.

 Live Free Or Die

This is not just a motto when it comes to New Hampshire. The state truly lives by this credo, so be prepared for some out-of-the-norm aspects both good and bad. On the negative side, if you wish to go swimming at one of the many lakes or take a dip in the ocean, you will not see a single lifeguard on duty. Your safety will be in your own hands, and this is the same for many other sights in the state. On the plus side, you are free of retail taxes here so if there’s a big purchase you’ve always wanted to make and you would like to avoid a massive tax tacked on, then NH is the place to take advantage.

The Lake District

No trip through New Hampshire is complete without an excursion in the Lake District. This plush stretch is dotted by dozens of scenic lakes ranging from massive bodies of water to smaller, pristine country lakes. Many travelers enjoy renting a boat and taking it out into the lakes on a nice summer day. Others enjoy hitting up one of the many restaurants, festivals, or shopping destinations in the area. Overall this is New England in its purest form, offering a nice mix of rural charms and lively towns. There are tons of things to do in the Lake District, so be sure to set aside a whole day so that you can do or see it all.

The Beach

 The first image that springs to mind when you think of New Hampshire may not be the beach, but just a quick look at a map will reveal that this state boasts one of the longest coastlines in all of New England. This is majestic, New England coast in its most pure form, dotted by quant beach towns and miles of rocky, scenic coastline. If the water views and romantic setting aren’t enough to make you fall in love with the coast, then the fantastic seafood and outdoor opportunities will. The hiking here is epic, taking in forest and beach combos that make for some of the most unique trails in the nation. The towns and fishing villages that dot the coast are perfect for stopping and enjoying the quaint environment and fantastic seafood restaurants. If you’re in search of the essence of the New England coastline in all its glory, then you will surely find it in Eastern New Hampshire.

Perfect Location

If you check out a map of New England, you will see that new Hampshire is perfectly situated in the middle of the expanse. This makes a visit here particularly enticing for road tripers. When taking an RV rental journey in this area, New Hampshire can be used as a base from which to explore the surrounding states. Just north is Maine, so if you’re going straight up the coast you will no doubt be passing through NH. To the west is Vermont, so you can take a trip over the border to check out that rugged and individualistic state from your New Hampshire base. To the south you can easily explore Massachusetts and Upstate New York. Overall New Hampshire puts you in the perfect position to branch out and experience all of the wonderful states and territories that new England has to offer RV travelers.

Easily one of the most gorgeous states in the country, New Hampshire has plenty of natural beauty, thrilling activities, friendly locals, and inviting stops to keep the road traveler occupied and happy. Anyone on an RV rental journey through this state will no doubt be satisfied and will come across many unforgettable sites along the way. No matter if you are traveling up the Vermont border, through the green middle of the state, or along the scenic coast, it will be a tough task not to fall in love with the New Hampshire countryside.

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