5 Simple Ways to Avoid Relapse  

If you or your loved one has attended a drug rehab program at drug rehab Lancaster County then you have already made a huge accomplishment. Breaking that addictive habit is your first step towards regaining control over your life. Recovery is exciting, but there is always that “R” that you don’t want to think about-relapse. The mere thoughts of relapse can be frightening, but the best way of dealing with it is by confronting it. No magic will help you avoid relapse. It takes a lot of effort and commitment to prevent it. Here are some of the tips that will help you or your loved avoid relapse.

Stay Away from Tempting Situations

One of the most significant mistakes that patients who are on a recovery journey tend to do is developing an urge to prove to others they can still be around the drugs and not use them. This is dangerous since you may be able to resist the temptation on your first attempt but fail on the subsequent attempts. Avoid any situations that can bring you in the way of temptation. Don’t go to places where substance abuse is taking place or places that will remind you of your past life that you are trying hard to forget. You should also avoid people who may persuade you into using the drugs again.

Build a Strong Support Base

Be quick to embrace relations in your life that are supportive of your addiction recovery journey and let go of those that still want you to use the drugs. Although it will not be easy to let go some of your best friends you must learn to cope without them if you want to recover. If your so-called friends truly care about you, they will support you in every way and help you stay clean. Be open-minded, reach out to other individuals and build new relationships with people you can talk to whenever you feel vulnerable to relapse.

Always Remind Yourself of the Negative Effects of Substance Abuse

Although you may want to forget about your past life, don’t be quick to forget about the negative impact that substance abuse had in your personal life. Keep reminding yourself that if you relapse, your life can move from worse to worst within a short period. You can even come up with a comprehensive list of personal and legal consequences that you had to deal with and ask yourself whether you want to back to that point in your life. Think about the time that you have spent at a drug rehab Lancaster County and resist any temptations that will derail your recovery efforts.

Stay Motivated

You will need to be highly motivated if you want to complete your addiction recovery program. One of the best ways of keeping yourself motivated is by coming up with daily and short-term life goals that are in line with your priorities. Accomplishing these goals, no matter how simple they may be, will keep you motivated and focused on your recovery journey.

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