5 Foods to Support Good Brain Health  

While exercise and eating a healthy diet are well known for supporting a healthy cardiovascular system, good nutrition also plays a prominent role in good brain health. Just like your heart, the brain never stops working, even while sleeping – and thus requires quality fuel to perform at its best. The right nutrition can help your brain function well, while persons diagnosed with a current neurological condition should follow the recommendations of their neurologist Newburgh NY.

Patient studies on the ketogenic and Mediterranean diets have shown evidence to support the brain – health connection. A recent NCBI abstract notes:

…it is possible that a final common neuro-metabolic pathway might be influenced by a variety of dietary interventions. The most notable example of a dietary treatment with proven efficacy against a neurological condition is the high-fat, low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet (KD)…

The American Academy of Neurology supports The Mediterranean diet because of the large amounts of vegetables fruits, beans, whole grains, and olive oil. Another benefit of this diet is the limited portions of red meat and moderate intake of fish, wine, and dairy. Even if you choose not to take on the full dietary change of these two examples, simply incorporating the following foods in your daily meals will go a long way in supporting good brain functioning.

5 Foods to Support Good Brain Health

  1. Foods High in Antioxidants– have been shown to delay mental decline due to aging, along with reducing cell damage from ‘free radicals’ which are molecular fragments that are unstable. Foods high in antioxidants will also have plenty of vitamins E, C, and beta carotene (Vitamin A).
  • fruits and vegetables
  • prunes and raisins
  • Brussels sprouts and broccoli
  • blueberries and blackberries
  • red peppers and onions
  1. Omega-3 Fatty Acids– will also reduce free radicals that cause oxidative damage to brain cells and will help maintain brain function from child development through aging. Due to concerns of some fish containing organic mercury, it is suggested to limit weekly intake to three servings.
  • herring and whitefish
  • tuna and mackerel
  • anchovies and sardines
  1. Vegetable/Fruit Superfoods– are nutrient dense foods packed with vitamins, fiber and minerals. Include as many of these vegetable superfoods in your diet, and you will not only have improved brain health but they also support a healthy colon, heart, liver, and kidneys.
  • pomegranates, blueberries, and cherries
  • sage, ginger, and curry
  • onions and garlic
  • olives and tomatoes
  • spinach and kale

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